Baratza Announces New Grinder :: Virtuoso With Micro Tuning

More options for the home espresso enthusiasts! Baratza has just announced the Virtuoso Preciso, which adds precision tuning to the Virtuoso. Here’s the press release and a picture preview:

Baratza will soon introduce a new grinder, the Virtuoso Preciso. The Preciso is a Virtuoso with the addition of a Micro adjustment mechanism. The full range of the Micro adjustment (11 positions) is equal to one step in the Macro adjustment. This Micro adjustment combines the precise tuning ability of a stepless grinder with the ease of adjustability that the Virtuoso is famous for. The Preciso now moves the Virtuoso up-market to be a truly great espresso grinder while retaining all of the features that have made the Virtuoso our best selling grinder for the last 3 years. The Preciso uses the same conical burrs and timer switch as the Virtuoso. Available March 2010.

Stay tuned for more info!