Just roasted! Papua New Guinea and Nicaragua Florencia

We just roasted up a fresh batch of our Papua New Guinea Kigabah Estate and Nicaragua Florencia. We’ll be roasting these beans in small batches (like always), but they tend to sell out quickly. Here are the flavor profiles:

Papua New Guinea:
This coffee is snappy and fruity – think of the fragrance from a fresh peeled orange, then add guava and star fruit. The acidity is crisp and balanced. We roast this just to second crack. The outside of the bean is a lovely mahogany color – not dark or oily. There’s enough spice to make this a complex and enticing coffee.

Nicaragua Florencia:
This coffee is dark but not dark-roasted, bearing dry fruit, caramel, and toffy. It’s really great brewed strong in a french press with a small amount of cream – the molasses and dark fruit will come through. The aftertaste is clean and simple. Overall, a great coffee from northern Nicaragua!

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