Tabla Digital Scale :: Properly portion your coffee


Clive coffee is excited to present to you the attractive and accurate Tabla Digital Scale from Escali!

A good scale that can measure small increments of weight (in grams or to the 10th of an ounce) is a necessary tool for ensuring proper coffee portioning.

Our coffee is roasted to a profile that suits the innate characteristics of the green coffee bean. Different coffee beans have different densities to begin with. When you factor in the roasting process, there is a significant difference in the density of an individual French Roasted Brazilian verses a medium-roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. So, if you measure by volume, with a scoop for example, you’re really not measuring consistently.

The coffee geeks at Clive love accuracy, so we always measure our whole beans before grinding and brewing our coffee, whether we’re using the Technivorm, French Press, or Siphon Pot.