Thrilling news from Baratza

We just got some really exciting news from Baratza! They’ve upgraded the already excellent Vario Coffee Grinder with a new display board. This new board has a “sleep” feature that turns off the lights and LED display to conserve electricity when it’s not in use. More importantly, this new board has enough memory to retain your grind settings, even after a power outage or the machine is unplugged.

No need for customers with the older model Vario to get jealous; the new display board is available separately as an easily installed upgrade. According to Baratza, the new board only takes 3 minutes to install with a Phillips screwdriver.

Look for the new and improved Baratza Vario and the Display Board upgrade on our site in March.

Not exciting enough for you? Baratza will be introducing their Virtuoso Preciso with 11-step micro-adjustment this summer.vario2