Clive Coffee porcelain mugs + salvage walnut for our upcoming showroom

I just got back from Pigeon Toe Ceramics, the local Portland hive of ceramic artisans (Lisa and Lola, represent) that we’ve commissioned for the first Clive Coffee mug. These mugs are a subtle juxtaposition of modern and rustic, clean yet memorable, Amsterdam meets Portland, 1920’s brought to 2010. We put a lot of thought into the curve of the handle, the weight of the edge, and the texture of the glaze. We’ll have coffee mugs and macchiato cups. Here’s a sneak peak. Should be ready for shipment next week.

Clive Coffee Mug

And in other news, here’s the salvage walnut wood we’ve found for our upcoming showroom in SE Portland. More info to come, obviously. Until then, Happy Friday!