Clive Stand and Dripper :: Brew Guide


After months of developing concepts, designing, scrapping and redesigning our idea of what the perfect pour-over stand could offer, we were thrilled a few weeks ago to finally launch the exclusive Clive Stand and Dripper set to the world.  Since then, the response has indicated that our work paid off.  The Clive Stand has been called “Gorgeous,” Stunning,” “The prettiest coffee maker I’ve ever seen,” “Elegant” and “Amazing.” It has been featured on the very popular blog Design*Sponge and will appear in the next issue of the magazine House Beautiful.

At Clive Coffee, we always seek the perfect intersection of design and function. We insist that all of our products look great, feel durable, last a long time and, of course, brew great coffee. The Clive Stand has earned its share of aesthetic accolades, but the quality of the coffee that it brews is equally important. As with any brand new brewing mechanism introduced to the market, a new set of standards needs to be developed regarding the grind setting, proportions of coffee to water, pouring technique, etc.  The Clive Stand best accommodates two particular types of dripper cone – the Hario V60-02 glass dripper, and our locally hand-thrown porcelain Clive Dripper. Both of these fit snugly and look excellent in the handcrafted black walnut frame of the stand. Here, we’ll walk through what it takes to produce a fine cup of coffee from our Clive Dripper in the stand.

Our Clive Dripper is handcrafted just around the block from us at Pigeon Toe Ceramics. We designed it to fit in the Clive Stand, match our Clive Mugs, and brew great coffee. The internal surface is smooth glazed porcelain and the shape of the dripper takes Hario 02 cone shaped paper filters. Start with 28 grams of ground coffee (roughly three standard coffee scoops leveled if you don’t have a gram scale) and 300 milliliters (just over 10 ounces) of water at 200°F. The combination of a coarse grind and healthy dose of ground coffee will result in a full-bodied, complex and sweet cup brewed in an ideal amount of time.

    1. Use hot water to pre-heat your mug.
    2. Use Hario V60 Paper filter, pre-wet and rinse thoroughly.
    3. Grind coffee immediately before brewing, coarse like kosher salt, slightly finer than for French press.
    4. Place ground coffee into rinsed filter.
    5. Gently pour 50ml, or just over an ounce and a half, of hot water over grounds and allow to bloom for 30 seconds total. If no gram scale is available, pour slowly over 15 seconds just until all the grounds are covered.
    6. After 30 seconds, begin pouring the rest of the hot water through the grounds. Use small circular motions from the center of the ground bed and pour slowly until 300ml total has been applied, approximately 2 minutes into the brew cycle.
    7. Allow to drip through the cone until 8oz. of coffee fills your cup, approximately 3 minutes total.
    8. Enjoy sweet, complex, full bodied coffee.