Rancilio Silvia :: Do I need a PID?

silvia with pid

What about a PID Controller?

We are often asked if it’s necessary to have a PID on the Silvia.

PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) Control is a popular upgrade to Silvia machines. Basically, a PID controller closely monitors and electronically regulates the water temperature at the brew group.  PIDs help you to dial in a precise brewing temperature, which is especially important for straight shot enthusiasts. However, we find that a bit of attention and the right technique can reliably produce very fine espresso from the Silvia without the need for a $200-$300 upgrade.

Adding $300 to the $650 price of a Silvia gets you within striking distance of an E-61 grouphead machine, which would mean much better temperature stability and you would retain the manufacturer’s warranty. We recommend checking out the Quick Mill Alexia, which provides a number of dramatic upgrades in temperature stability, capacity, aesthetics, power and performance for just a little more money than a PID-adapted Silvia.