Rancilio Silvia :: Is it worth the money?


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Why don’t you have anything more affordable than the Silvia? Why spend $650 when I could spend $300 elsewhere?

Clive Coffee specializes in the highest quality espresso machines and coffeemakers available. We recognize that there are hundreds of machines out there that cost less than the Silvia, and we’ve tested many of them. In a nutshell, we’ve found the Silvia to be the only machine in its price range or below that we feel confident standing behind. It is the first machine under $700 that features high-quality components, professional build quality, sturdy feel in your hand, true espresso coffee and this level of dependability. Nothing on the machine feels cheap or plasticky. We ship these out with confidence that our customers will be satisfied with their experience.

You can spend less on an espresso machine but you will sacrifice power and performance, not to mention espresso quality and, overall, the level of pleasure you get from using the machine. Too many people find that their espresso machine sits unused on their countertop because it simply doesn’t make espresso drinks that taste that good. With a good grinder and a bit of practice, you too can make café quality espresso drinks with the Rancilio Silvia.