Able Disk FINE :: First Look

I had a chance to test out the Able Disk Fine recently, and I found it to mark a significant departure from previous iterations in both design and cup quality. I am particularly impressed by the fact that the filter produced such a clean and complex cup, despite being a metal filter. It is quite apparent that care was taken in its design to more closely mimic paper.

For those that have been skeptical of pairing the Aeropress with a metal filter, I would highly recommend giving the Disk FINE a try. The significantly tighter hole distribution yields a surprisingly clean cup that still retains the complexity of a full immersion brew. The Brazil Minas Gerais I brewed was both full in mouthfeel and vibrant in its starfruit acidity.

The physical etching of the holes is also much more precise, but the resulting filter is thinner. I believe this newfound pliability actually works to its benefit, however. The Disk springs back if folded, and it adheres like paper when wet. This is definitely a benefit to those like myself who are prone to bending or losing the filters when in a rush.

One can only hope to see an equal leap in quality in the soon to be re-released Coffee Kone.