Rocket R58 Espresso Machine :: First Look

Izzo created a lot of buzz last year when they released the Duetto II, and for good reason. It was the first machine of its kind to offer a commercial E-61 group head, double boiler, and fully integrated PID control for precise temperature control. Now there’s another machine with similar features. We always favor more more options for the home barista, and we think this machine will be a good alternative to the Izzo Duetto. The addition of a dual pre-infusion system in the Rocket R58 espresso machine makes achieving a smooth coffee extraction with optimum aroma, body, and crema an even more achievable reality for the home barista. This feature in itself makes the Rocket R58 a strong contender in topping the list of home double boiler machines.

The 1400 watt heating element in the brew system is exceptionally quick to recover, allowing you to pull shots and steam milk at optimal temperature and pressure without lag or overtaxing the machine. The rotary pump is both quiet and smooth, and, for those really wishing to dial in their espresso, the brew pressure is easily adjustable from the exterior. The machine is also equipped with low water sensors and an easy to lift top cover, so you can effortlessly check on and fill the ample 2.5 L water tank. For those that have the space and ability, the R58 also has the option to be directly plumbed to an existing water line.

We will be doing a video review of this machine shortly. They are expected to arrive in the US in late May, so reserve yours today!