Izzo Duetto 3.0 Espresso Machine Shipping Soon


The Izzo Duetto II has been a very popular machine with its e61 grouphead and precise PID control. Duetto III has just been announced and will be shipping soon!

We will have a full review soon, but for now here are a list of the updates on the Duetto 3.0:

  • Beautiful New Body Styling (stainless steel curved panels replace the 1 piece outer body shell
  • Smaller, Recessed Heater lights
  • Large redesigned drip tray, holds 32 oz. of water.  It has a catch tray on back, easy to slide in, and no longer has the notch in the back
  • Ergonomic portafilters with an angle
  • Cup warmer tray, with better ventilation
  • Cups Rails are now included
  • Reinforced front to reduce flexing
  • Discharge goes straight down instead of forward, silicone tube no longer visible
  • Easy access Expansion Valve

Stay tuned for more.