Announcing The Craft of Espresso :: A Book!

We are pleased to announce our new book, Craft of Espresso: A Guide for Home. We love to help aspiring home baristas choose the right espresso machine setup, then learn how to use it to make beautiful & delicious espresso drinks. This book is  an introduction to the fundamental principles of making espresso and steaming milk, but it’s also much more than that thanks to the collaboration of multiple talented people.

Hanna Neuschwander, author of Left Coast Roast, took our basic principles and wrote a beautiful guide that is approachable and useful.

From the introduction:

Coffee, black. Espresso, neat. A cube of sugar and a dash of cream. These are small drops in the bucket of human experience. But does anything straighten your back as well as a morning ritual? Is anything better than coming to your senses with your hands wrapped around a warm cup?

In an age of virtual everything, what could be more exotic than getting your fingers smudged with fresh-ground coffee, then bearing down, making a mess, and feeling old school for ten minutes a day? Coffee is either nothing—a brackish fuel, a necessary accomplice—or it is something: an education in taste, a way to be playful, a daily sacrament. Read from the comfort of an easy chair or while afoot in the kitchen, this book is a primer for those who want to tap into the somethingness of coffee through its most exalted method: the art of making espresso.

The illustrations are by Ben Blake of Ben has developed a distinctive style of sketching coffee & espresso themes and we are thrilled to have him illustrate the project. A sample:


The book is shipping this week. Order yours today!