Introducing Lucca


Italian espresso machines, designed and built exclusively for Clive.

We’re enthusiastic admirers of Italian espresso machines and the time-honored tradition of making espresso. In an age of mass produced, “faux chrome” (but really just shiny plastic) appliances that last a year or two at best, we’re after the well-built, professional quality machines.

These machines represent nearly a hundred-year tradition of using stainless steel, brass, and copper components to heat water to the ideal temperature for espresso and create generous amounts of steam for frothing milk. When a machine is built to last for decades, it tends to become a part of your permanent collection of kitchen tools. It’s no longer a disposable widget that’s here today, gone next year.

We’ve cultivated relationships directly with two well-known Italian manufacturers, Quick Mill and La Spaziale. I traveled to Milan and Bologna respectively to develop the specifications, materials, and user interface that is manufactured exclusively for us. These machines are then given the model name LUCCA. You could say that LUCCA is the internal design studio of Clive that works collaboratively with our Italian partners to bring you an amazing lineup of machines.

With our input, these machines are designed based on feedback from our valued customers, such as bottomless portafilters with 21 gram triple baskets that can handle the higher doses popular in many American cafes. We helped guide the choice of materials, such as the soft matte black finish on the La Spaziale LUCCA control panel and drip tray, and subtle, modern white LED lights on the control panel.

LUCCA is made in Italy for the discerning home barista.

Discover LUCCA.