LUCCA A53 & LUCCA A53 Mini – What’s the difference?

We are extremely excited about the launch of our very own LUCCA branded espresso machines. While the LUCCA A53 and the A53 Mini version may look similar, there are some subtle differences we thought we should point out for those trying to make a decision on which to buy.

The most important difference is that the LUCCA A53 is a direct line plumb-in only machine. For this purpose it is fitted with a rotary pump which is quiet and soothing to the ears. Not having a water reservoir inside allows more room for the boilers, so the A53 has a whopping 2.5L steam boiler. It also has a programmable passive pre-infusion function for the ultimate coffee geek to experiment with to their heart’s content.

Conversely, the LUCCA A53 Mini version has a front-loading 3L reservoir and cannot be plumbed in. It contains a vibratory pump which is designed to be quieter than others of its kind. Although the steam boiler is smaller due to the water reservoir taking up space, at 1.2L it still packs a powerful punch and provides enough volume to make several coffees in a row. A pre-infusion chamber can be optionally added to the Mini, though it isn’t programmable.

The final difference between the machines is that the LUCCA A53 steam valve is controlled by turning a knob, while the Mini version has a vertical lever instead.

Now for the similarities. Despite one having the title ‘Mini’ they are actually are the same size. Both the LUCCA A53 and the Mini are produced with commercial quality parts. They use precise digital temperature control technology and are temperature programmable so you can tweak your extraction to your liking. You can program in your shot volumes for consistency and convenience. Both models are supplied with a double-spouted portafilter and (thankfully) a bottomless triple portafilter.

To sum it all up, the deciding factor is really in the plumbing – do you want a stand alone machine with a manually filled water reservoir or a plumbed-in espresso machine? They both pull amazing, delicious shots – and that’s the most important thing!