Introducing the La Marzocco Linea Mini

Today La Marzocco unveils the latest machine in its home espresso offering: the Linea Mini.

It’s quite possible that half the cafes you’ve ever visited use the commercial parent of this machine: the Linea Classic. It launched at the precipice of the USA’s espresso market explosion in the early nineties and has never looked back. Home baristas now have the opportunity to have their very own version of this ubiquitous machine.

The Linea Mini has been designed with the average American kitchen in mind. At a height of 15 inches it will fit nicely under a standard cabinet. The water reservoir is front-accessed; conveniently located behind the magnetically fitted drip tray. It runs solely on 15 Amps, yet can heat both boilers simultaneously. While the machine doesn’t currently come with a direct line plumbing kit, La Marzocco will have one available in the future.

Linea Mini has gone old-school analog on us. The group head temperature is adjusted manually with a click-dial. Shots are controlled via a paddle switch, which also activates ‘barista lights’ to shine on your espresso as it comes to be. The interface is clean and intuitive with a great tactile feel about it.

The integrated boiler and brew group design coupled with PID temperature control grants the Linea Mini thermal stability in-line with commercial espresso equipment. There is a small pre-infusion on every shot to help maintain pour consistency. The super-powerful steam boiler with the 4-hole steam tip will texture and heat your milk in seconds. The steam capacity is immense and recovery time virtually negligible.

Color options include black, white, red and classic stainless steel. The machine is supplied with a single and a double spouted portafilter as well as a tamper and milk pitcher.


The Linea Mini has been designed to be low-maintenance, high-performing and long-lasting. La Marzocco’s goal was to bring professional grade equipment to the entry-level barista. Mission accomplished.

Clive is one of just a few retailers in the US selected to offer the Linea Mini at this time. We are now taking pre-orders to reserve a machine for shipment in May. Your card will be charged once the machine ships. Read more about reserving your Linea Mini.