Brew methods for when you have company

We frequently have customers come into the showroom who are used to brewing single-cup coffee every morning and need an additional brewing method that can be used when having guests over. While we love our Hario V60’s, making 4 pourovers back-to-back is not efficient; maybe a good workout, but certainly not efficient. So we thought we would share some of our favorite brew methods that can sustain the higher demand, but also keep quality at the frontline.

One Guest

Maybe your brother is coming over. A neighbor? A friend? When you only need to make two cups of coffee here is what we suggest.

4 Cup Sowden Soft Brewer – We love the Sowden soft brewer because of its simple and easy-to-use design. The porcelain pot keeps the remaining coffee hot when you’re ready for a second cup, and the removable filter basket makes for a very easy cleanup.

Three Guests

A brewing method best used for a small group of people would be the Chemex 8 Cup Coffeemaker. This timeless, beautifully designed coffee brewer combines the ability to brew quality coffee with the fun of having a controlled, hands on experience.


8 Guest

When the whole family is coming over  for brunch, or game night is at your place, the Ratio Eight is going to be your new best friend. The Ratio has everything you want in an automated coffee maker with it’s simple design, complex flavors comparable to manual pourover methods, and its easy functionality. When hosting more than a few guests, using the Ratio is going to be most efficient.