Different Paced Mornings

Something we find so special about coffee is the role it plays in our morning routine. We wake up, stumble out of bed, and crave that hot cup of joe that gets us through the day. But not all brew methods are suitable for the different mornings we have, so we broke down a few brew methods for whatever pace you wake up with.

It’s Saturday morning, you don’t have to be anywhere for a few hours, which means you have time to perfect your cup as well as the time to sit and enjoy it. If you enjoy the feel of manual pour over methods, give our Chemex a try. This method of brewing coffee is my personal favorite way to do a pour over. The thick paper filter provides a light, clean cup of coffee, and the slower method makes for a delicious cup every time. This is a great way to show off your coffee brewing skills to any company you might have as well.

*If you are more interested in a heavier bodied cup more similar to a french press, try the  Able Kone in place of the paper filter. The slightly larger pores allow for more solids to get through providing a heavier cup.

Those are the nice slow mornings we crave, but unfortunately, not all mornings are this slow paced. Sometimes you miss your alarm, or your laundry isn’t quite dry yet, maybe you burnt your toast! When not all mornings are as perfectly relaxing as your weekends are, a quicker and more efficient method is more desired. With the quicker pace morning, you might want to look into something more automatic, but we do have some ideas for a manual method as well. Our Bonavita 5 Cup brewer is a great idea for a quick cup of coffee. Due to it’s smaller size, the brew cycle is much quicker. All you have to do is grind your beans and toss them into the coffee basket with your filter, push a button and rush away to finish getting ready. Once the cycle is complete you can pour your coffee in a take-away cup and head out the door.

If you still prefer a more manual method, the Sowden 4 Cup Softbrewer coffee brewer is a perfect match. Because this is a submersion process, all you need to do is grind the beans, toss the grounds and 200º water into the pot, set your 4-5 minute timer and continue getting ready for work while it sits. Once the timer goes off, simply plunge your coffee with the mesh filter and pour your coffee.

With these variety of brew methods, you can surely stay caffeinated no matter how quick, or slow, you have to leave the house.