Spring Cleaning – Open Box Specials

There’s no better way to start a new year than jumping right into spring cleaning! Not only does this allow us to start the year right, it allows us to give some incredible Open Box specials to our loyal customers!

Our Open Box machines have been gently used and returned under our satisfaction guarantee program. Each machine has been diligently cleaned and tested to our satisfaction.

We have some amazing specials on our Lucca M58, Lucca A53 Mini, Bonavita 1900TS, and for the first time ever specials on open box Ratio Eight machines. These machines and grinders, along with plenty others we have need a new home, and we’d love to have them bring some new joy to your daily coffee routines.

Take advantage of these specials before we’re all cleaned up!

Email [email protected], call 800-520-2890, or make an appointment


Every Clive purchase includes a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee. Whenever a customer lets us know they want to return a machine, we take it back and put it through a rigorous testing, replacing, and cleaning process before it is turned over to our Open Box category. Some Open Box machines include the same warranty as a new purchase, while others have slightly modified terms. Contact us to find out more about our Open Box machines.