Roseline Coffee

Finding the right coffee brewer setup is an integral part of any morning routine, and we want to provide you with the second and just as important piece – the coffee. Roseline was added to our coffee lineup last autumn, and we have been refreshingly pleased with every new batch of coffee we receive each week. We wanted to share a little background on one of our favorite roasters.

Marty Lopes, founder of Roseline began roasting small batches of coffee beans with a 1.5 kilo Proaster and determination to bring only the highest quality to the table. Even in the competitive PDX market where there are approximately 45 roasters, Lopes has stuck to a thoughtful selective menu of only the best seasonal beans, roasted carefully to draw out the natural flavors of the beans. We love the color, depth, and character of the beans.
If you have not had the pleasure of tasting a cup of Roseline coffee, let me try to give you a brief preview of what it’s like. The aromatics give you a distinct foresight of what you are about to taste and with each unique single origin you may taste flavors of sweet concord grape, lemon, plum and tart apple, floral jasmine and tea-rose, coconut, caramel and fudge. Similar to a great dark chocolate, the delicate balance between sweet, nutty, bitter, and tart add up to a glorious cup that may just magically alter your morning and pleasantly surprise your tastebuds.

Today I tried out the Behmor Connected coffee brewer using some very freshly ground Othaya Cooperative (Roseline’s new single origin from Nyeri, Kenya) and it was like nothing I have tasted before – it had a fruit like quality similar to lemon curd and raspberry tart, and the aromatics were sweet. I was also able to enjoy the flavor develop as the coffee cooled from the pour which was initially quite hot, and despite the hints of sweet and tart fruit, there was a fullness to the body that was satisfying which begged for a second cup.

Come try out some Roseline Coffee with us!