Exciting things from Slayer in 2016.

Wow, it’s been a year since we first started working with Slayer! The machine and company have come a long way, and we thought we’d take this opportunity to announce some big news (hint, lower price!) along with an update of what our team and customers have been learning about Slayer.


Performing better than ever, and simpler to use than you might think.

Continued improvements in firmware (user upgradable software that controls the machine) have made huge leaps forward in improving the machine setup process and performance, and the initial hardware kinks common with new products have been promptly and thoroughly corrected. We’re now left with a bombproof commercial design that’s simple enough to use that a number of people have chosen it as their first (and last) espresso machine, yet capable of pulling shots all day in a shop. The beauty of the manual paddle and flow control are that they allow the machine to be tailored to any coffee and pallette.

Want to pull traditional espresso? Simply flip the brew paddle all the way to the left like you would on a La Marzocco GS3. With a good espresso grinder, we’ll have you coached to pulling great shots in minutes.

Ready to start experimenting with acidity and body? We can help you learn how to adjust the brew temperature, flow rate, brew ratio and/or brew time. No machine has more control, but don’t be scared! We’re here to coach whenever you’re ready.

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Wait, that’s programmable too?

The Slayer’s robust and stylish (and customizable of course) design cues don’t scream technology. But this beauty has brains to match! Did you know the pre-brew timer can be programmed, so the process can be made simpler and more consistent for those that wish (while always retaining manual control as an option). There is also a programmable power save mode that can prolong the life of parts, reduce your power bill and have your machine ready to brew at the right time every morning. There’s even an automated cleaning program that will run the machine through the backflush process for you.


What’s the experience been like?

Our Slayer customers are some of our most educated, empowered and self-reliant. Most combine theirs with a large conical grinder like a Macap M7D or Compak F10 and they’re off on their espresso adventures. From home coffee roasters to specialty shops, our Slayer customers seem to have smooth and trouble free experiences from day one. We hope to post a more-in depth blog post after hearing more specific updates from Slayer owners about what coffees they’re liking, and how flow profiling is affecting the flavor. If you have one (and can take a minute to put down that amazing cup of espresso), throw us a bone!


Wait. A new lower price, what’s the catch?

No, we’re not trying to make room for a new model. But Slayer moved into a bigger facility last year and they’re ready to ramp up production. They’ve assured us there’s still a lot of improvement to come in future firmware updates, but starting April 1 we’re going to be offering the classic Slayer configuration with black side panels and Peruvian walnut accents for $8499 ($500 off). Clive will also be launching custom wood panels for the One Group this year, so contact us if you’d like to know more!