New Arrivals from Fellow

New to the coffee brewing market are a few items from Fellow including the Duo brewer, Joey mugs, and more recently the Stagg Kettle. Fellow has created products that apply the traditional practicality of home brewing merged with a modern and simplistic design. Each of these items immediately catch people’s eye as they walk through the showroom, and here’s why:



The sleek design of the Stagg kettle comes in both stainless steel and matte black, which are compatible with gas and electric stovetops (with only the stainless steel having induction stovetop compatibility). Each kettle is equipped with a built-in thermometer mounted into the lid which is vital for accurate brewing and consistency. Not only is there a thermometer, but it kindly displays a clear indication the of the SCAA’s recommended brew temperature for optimal extraction on the face.

But it’s not just about what the kettle has to offer to the eyes, it’s just as important to have a kettle that feels perfect in your hands. A flimsy or cheaper-feeling handle may give you less precision , but the Stagg’s heavy duty build feels sturdy and steady allowing full control over the water distribution. The heavy handle helps even out the weight of the water-filled kettle and the shape allows for maximum control and a comfortable place to sit your thumb.



Immersion-style brewing is one of my favorite methods, mainly due to how easy it is. Whether I’m bogged down from the busy week, or just feeling like a simpler process that morning, these are the best kinds of methods for me. The Duo immediately caught my eye as it has a straightforward design, yet I had never seen anything like it. The setup is simple: first, you add your coffee (grind to about a French press setting) to the top chamber. Then you add your 195-200-degree water into the chamber and let it sit for 4 minutes. After four minutes, you twist the brew chamber and watch your coffee drain into the bottom of the glass carafe – Enjoy! The cup is extremely smooth and delicious. If you’re in the neighborhood, definitely swing by Clive and give it a try. (Stay tuned for a how-to brew guide with the Duo! )



Something that I often have trouble with is mug size. Like most coffee drinkers, I am a bit choosy with my coffee routine, but one of my new favorites are the Joey mugs. They are beautifully and intentionally designed. The dual wall feature keeps the outside of the mug cool, while keeping the inside hot. The sleek porcelain paired with the copper bottom will add some style to your kitchen and your coffee routine. These mugs hold about 9oz.