Changing Espresso Machine Group Gaskets


Have you noticed water starting to drip from around your portafilter when your shot is pulling? Maybe you can’t seem to get that portafilter locked in tight enough? It might be time to change your gasket, and here’s how.

Before you change your group gasket, it is important to know what type of filter screen your machine uses. Machines with E61 type group head do not have a screw that holds the screen in place, the screen is held by the gasket.


  1. Remove the group screen. For machines where the gasket holds the screen in place, remove gasket first, then the screen.
  2. If the gasket has not been changed in a while, the rubber will become hard and brittle, making it slightly difficult to remove in one try as it will come out in chunks or pieces that may need to be picked out.
  3. Make sure all of the old gasket material is removed, and the group head thoroughly cleaned so the groove is free of debris and old coffee. If this step isn’t completed, the new gasket won’t fit properly
  4. When inserting the new gasket into the group head it is helpful to use a food safe lubricant to help the gasket seat fully. You will need to apply some pressure to get the gasket all the way seated, a flat head can be helpful for this.
  5. Once the new gasket is fully seated test it for leaks with a backflush blank in your portafilter.

Tip: although grouphead gaskets are a normal wear part that will need changing every so often, keeping the portafilter locked in will significantly increase the life span of your next gasket.