Get to know: Quick Mill Evo

Many people in the United States have never heard of Quick Mill, because their espresso equipment has only been imported here since the late 90s. But this company has been pursuing handcrafted Italian excellence since 1945, and they were pioneers of introducing electric pumps in machines that could better fit in homes. Fast forward more than sixty years, and Quick Mill continues to produce beautiful and high quality espresso machines. We have long admired their exceptional skill in creating gleaming stainless steel panels, and when our founder Mark visited them in person, it was obvious why they were selected to manufacture Gucci store signage with all of the related quality requirements. So, when we set out to create our LUCCA M58 espresso machine, offering best of class upgrades and details, we knew Quick Mill would be a perfect partner.

The Quick Mill line has many machines with various features and price points, and their Evo line reflects some updates that enhance the experience of making home espresso.

Here is an overview of a few of our favorites from Quick Mill.



Silvano Evo

The original Quick Mill Silvano was introduced in 2011 and has been a hit in the home market, due to its small footprint and ability to pull shots and steam at the same time. The Evo update addresses the biggest challenge of single boiler espresso machines. . . brew temperature. Adding adjustable PID temperature control to the Silvano eliminated the previous learning curve of “temperature surfing”, because it can now hold your favorite brew temperature to a degree. The PID’s built-in shot timer is a big help with dialing in the grinder and improving consistency. A separate thermoblock with its own dedicated pump and 1000 watts of heating power solves the second challenge of single boiler espresso machines. That’s right, no more waiting to steam milk! Other niceties include a mirror polished stainless steel body, commercial 58mm portafilter, articulating steam wand, and a side loading water reservoir.


Andreja Premium Evo

The Andreja is Quick Mill’s flagship, with a well proven design. We challenge you to find another espresso machine today that has rave reviews dating back to 2004! The Andreja Premium Evo utilizes the timeless e61 group head, which brings its performance and aesthetics very close to our $2000-3000 espresso machines. And because it uses a heat exchanger system, the 1.6 liter steam boiler is always hot and ready to deliver tremendous power, and pulling shots doesn’t drain or cool off the boiler. 


QM67 Evo

Quick Mill sought to bring the most important features from the flagship dual boilers into a more attainable price point when they created the QM67. By sharing the same size .75 liter temperature controlled brew boiler and e61 group head, this beauty achieves identical espresso performance to much more expensive machines. By using a traditional vibration pump (mounted to be very quiet), a smaller steam boiler and simpler stainless steel construction, the QM67 can save significant money and space. The Evo model has PID temperature control of both the brew and steam temperature, as well as a shot timer.


Vetrano 2B Evo

Ok ok. You don’t want to hear the sound of a vibration pump any more and you want serious steam power. We need to talk about the upper echelon dual boilers like the Vetrano 2B Evo. The premium feature differences between this machine and the QM67 are: the commercial rotary vane pump, which has the same whisper quiet purr of a commercial machine (and offers easy pumpability), the bigger 1.4 liter steam boiler, and a stronger frame with more elegant construction and distinctive vertical LEDs. Those specific details are the reason the Vetrano weighs 20lbs more than the QM67. The steam and hot water wands swivel fully and are insulated so they won’t scald. Also, the 2B can be switched to have its boilers heat simultaneously if you have 20 amp circuit breakers available. This speeds up both warmup time and steam regeneration. But if you run your machine on an outlet timer and only want to make occasional drinks, the standard 15 amp mode will be more than enough. 

If you are looking for a machine to compare to the Vetrano 2B, Check out the LUCCA M58 that we custom designed with Quick Mill. It offers elevated aesthetics, joystick steam and hot water wands, and a custom navy blue and white PID with matching gauges.. You can’t miss the Italian nautical heritage in this machine!

All of Quick Mill’s machines now use the patented TEA alloy plating for their boilers. This is the latest technology for ensuring that metal is food safe, and it’s a feature we’re very excited about. TEA is a super hard alloy plating that provides the benefits that many people want from stainless steel (clean taste, resistance to calcium buildup), and brings the unique benefit of being corrosion resistant as well as a better conductor that is easier to form and weld.

Any questions on the Quick Mill lineup? Give us a shout; we’re here to help with non-commissioned advice on the best machine for your budget and lifestyle!