Open Box Promotion

Occasionally our customers return machines that weren’t quite what they were looking for. We see this as a rare but natural byproduct of having an honest 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Our technicians thoroughly inspect and bench test all returned machines to ensure they are fully functional, and we’re pleased to offer them for sale at a discounted price.

That’s right, all our open box equipment is in perfect working order. Sometimes they haven’t even been used once. Some may have seen brief testing and perhaps a faint sign of normal use (most commonly on the top cup warming tray), a small scratch, etc. If you’d like to learn about options for additional savings on top notch equipment, we will be happy to discuss each machine’s history and condition with you, and can provide specific photos. An important thing to keep in mind about these items is that we price them to include the same ongoing premium support and coaching as every new machine. We want to help you find the perfect equipment, learn how to master it, and even learn how to maintain it (if you want to).

Warranty may be included, depending on the age and use of the machine. This is determined on a case-by-case basis. For example, a 30-day return machine would still include the same full warranty as a brand new unit while a heavily used, pre-loved machine may not. This is all taken into account when we determine the selling price of each individual machine.

If you are interested in an open box espresso machine, grinder or coffee maker please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call 800-520-2890.