Setting up the LUCCA A53 Espresso Machine

Congratulations on your purchase of the LUCCA A53 Mini Espresso Machine by La Spaziale! Here are a few pointers to help get your machine up and running.

First Time Unboxing And Setup

Inspect box for damage

When you receive your LUCCA A53, please inspect the box it came in for damage. If you notice that your box is damaged, or any other damages as you set up your machine, please contact us at [email protected] at your earliest convenience to troubleshoot. Any damage must be reported to us within 3 business days so that we can begin the process to resolve.

Place machine on your counter for inspection

Once you’ve inspected your box, lift machine out of the box and place it on counter. Having two people lift the machine is very helpful. After the machine is on the counter, remove the bag covering the machine and inspect the machine for damages. If you see any damage, call us right away. We highly recommend holding onto the box and shipping supplies inside the box in the event you need to ship or stow your machine.

Water quality and filling water tank

Your LUCCA A53 comes with a braided water line that connects to the water inlet directly behind the drip tray and has a 3/8ths OD push connect fitting on the other end to direct connect to a plastic water line. If you plan on plumbing in your own water kit to the braided line that doesn’t use a 3/8ths OD plastic tubing you’ll need to find an adapter for the braided line as it has a 3/8ths BSPT threaded female connection. Standard pipe thread in North America is NPT thread. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU PUT A FILTER AND SOFTENER IN YOUR WATER LINE. You can test your water hardness using the water test strips provided with the machine. The ideal water hardness for an espresso machine is 50 ppm and the ideal psi is between 25 and 45. If you have any questions about this please check our importance of water and your machine guide.

Standby mode and filling coffee boiler

Once you’ve attached the water inlet of your LUCCA A53 to a cold water line it is time to plug in your machine. The machine comes standard with a 20 amp plug but also has an adapter for regular three prong kitchen outlets. When the machine is plugged in the LUCCA light will illuminate and the power light will flash, signifying the machine is in standby mode. While the machine is in standby mode it will not heat and the pump will not turn on.

Power mode and filling steam boiler

To turn the machine on, hold the power button down for three seconds. The power light will now be constantly illuminated, the boiler light will flash, the 95 light will flash, and the machine will begin automatically filling the steam boiler. Any time the machine notices the steam boiler has had more than one ounce leave through the steam tip or hot water tap, the steam boiler will automatically refill. The steam boiler is now refilling from being completely drained so it will take around 30 seconds for it to fill to the correct level.

Standard Machine Operation

The machine will now begin heating. The numeric lights running horizontally across the control panel signify the heat of the coffee boiler, the 95 light will flash until the coffee boiler has reached operating temperature. The flashing boiler light signifies the heat of the steam boiler, the boiler light will flash until it has reached operating temperature as well.

When the machine is in standard operating mode the top right button draws water through the steam tap. Tapping it once toggles the steam tap on and will continue to draw water until toggled off. The hot water tap will only draw water once the steam boiler has begun building pressure.

Holding down the boiler button for five seconds will turn off the steam boiler, turning its light off. Holding the boiler button down for five seconds while it is off will turn the steam boiler back on and turn the boiler light on.

The one cup and two cup buttons on the left side of the control panel are for brewing espresso. They are both preset to dose about 1.5 ounces of espresso. If your first few attempts at drawing a shot seem very far off in terms of the amount of espresso coming out before the machine stops, see the programming mode below on how to program volumetric dosing.

At this point your machine is set up and ready for use. Now you’ll get to dial in your grinder and begin pulling shots. Your grinder should come with a user manual, describing how to adjust the grind coarser and finer to get your espresso dialled in for the shot desired.

View our Espresso Machine Brewing Guide for tips on getting started with pulling great shots!

Extra Features

Programming mode

When the machine is in standard operating mode, hold down the power button for five seconds; this will make the power light flash as well as the 95 light. To leave programming mode, tap the power button one more time and it will stop flashing and return to normal operation. From programming mode you can adjust multiple functions on the machine.

Tapping the hot water button in programming mode will bring the machine up one degree Celsius until it comes back down. The “95” preset is closer to 94 degrees Celsius. So illuminating the “100” light will set the brew boiler at 95 degrees Celsius, 105 at 96 degrees, etc.

Tapping the one cup or two cup button will begin to change the volumetric dose set for the button pressed. In order to accurately change the volumetric dose, you will need a portafilter with coffee in the group head to slow down the flow of water so the machine can accurately read how much water is desired per dose. Once you have the desired amount of espresso, tap the button you are currently programming again to stop the shot and save the new volumetric dose. If you attempt to change the volumetric dose without a portafilter with a puck in place, you will not get accurate dosing results.

15 amp, 20 amp and ECO mode

The machine has an optional 15 and 20 amp mode, set by Clive at 15 amp unless otherwise noted by customer. The difference between 15 and 20 amp mode is the machine will only heat one boiler at a time in 15 amp mode, heating the coffee boiler and then the steam boiler. IN 20 amp mode the machine will heat both boilers at the same time.

To change the machine between 15 and 20 amp turn the machine off and remove the top panel from the machine by removing the phillips screw in the circular hole on the top panel and lifting the panel out. From here you can see inside the machine and can flip the two way switch in the back right corner of the machine to the desired setting.

Even with the machine set in 20 amp mode the machine can be switched in and out of ECO mode which is secondary setting that will set the machine to 15 amp when switched on. To turn it on or off hold the boiler button for 10 seconds while the machine is in standard operation.

We have created some helpful guides for cleaning and routine maintenance of your machine, such as backflushing and changing gaskets. Read more about the right way to clean your machine