Setting up the LUCCA M58 Espresso Machine

Congratulations on your purchase of the LUCCA M58 Espresso Machine by Quick Mill! Here are a few pointers to help get your machine up and running.

First Time Unboxing And Setup

Inspect box for damage

When you receive your LUCCA M58, please inspect the box it came in for damage, if you noticed your box is damaged or any other damages as you set up your machine please contact us at [email protected] at your earliest convenience to troubleshoot. Though very rare, damages need to be reported to us within 3 business days so we can properly handle the issue.

Place machine on counter and inspect

Once you’ve inspected your box, lift the machine out of its box and place it on the counter by grabbing it by the back of the machine and the group head. Having two people lift the machine is very helpful! After the machine is on the counter, remove the bag covering the machine and inspect the machine for damages. We highly recommend holding onto the box and shipping supplies inside the box in the event you need to ship or stow your machine.

Water quality and filling the water tank

Remove and fill the water tank to a few inches from the top of the tank. It is very important to use properly filtered and softened water for your espresso machine. You can test your water hardness using the water test strips provided with the machine. The ideal water hardness for an espresso machine is 50 ppm. If you have any questions about this, please check our importance of water and your machine guide.

Direct plumbing the machine

Your LUCCA M58 comes with a braided water line that connects to the water inlet on the bottom of the machine and has a 3/8ths outer diameter push connect fitting on the other end to direct connect to a plastic water line. Once plumbed in, flip the switch that is to the left of the water tank from “tanica” to “rete”. If you plan on plumbing in your own water kit to the braided line that doesn’t use a 3/8ths OD plastic tubing, you’ll need to find an adapter for the braided line as it has a 3/8ths BSPT threaded female connection. Standard pipe thread in North America is NPT thread. We highly recommend using a softener and filter system. You can test your water hardness using the water test strips provided with the machine. The ideal water hardness for an espresso machine is 50 ppm and the ideal psi is between 25 and 45. If you have any questions about this please check our importance of water and your machine guide.

Power mode and filling steam boiler

When machine is set up and ready, flip the power switch on to turn the machine on. When the machine is on, it will auto fill the steam boiler until it is full. Once steam boiler is finished filling, lift the brew lever and allow the coffee boiler to fill until six ounces of water have run through the group head.

Standard Machine Operation

The machine is now on and heating. To turn on the steam boiler, flip the switch on the left side to the On position. The machine is preset at 202 degrees for the coffee boiler and 260 degrees for the steam boiler. If the water tank runs low on water, the PID will shut off and the machine will stop heating. Once the water tank is refilled and in place, the PID will turn back on and the machine will continue heating. Once the PID shows that both boilers have stabilized at the set temperatures, the machine is ready for use!

Programming Mode

There are two programming modes: one while the machine is on, and one while the machine is off:

While the machine is on, press both power buttons at the same time to enter temperature adjustment of the coffee and steam boiler. Setting T1 is for the coffee boiler; setting T2 is for the steam boiler. The left button will cycle from T1 – T2 and then back to standard machine operation. The right button will enter the settings value, display its current value, and allow you to change it. If you press the right button while on T1, “202” (coffee boiler temperature) will display for a couple seconds. While the value is displayed, the left button will drop the value 1 and the right button will raise the value 1.

While the machine is off, hold down the left and right PID buttons and turn on the machine. Hold down the buttons until F. 01 appears. From here the same rules apply for the standard operation programming mode. You can cycle through the menu with the left button and access the settings value with the right button. We have preset these values for you, but feel free to adjust as you see fit. The primary setting we recommend changing is F. 02 which is the 15 – 20 amp mode setting. F. 02 set at 4 will run the machine in 15 amp mode and F. 02 set at 6 will run the machine in 20 amp mode.

We have created some helpful guides for cleaning and routine maintenance of your machine, such as backflushing and changing gaskets. Read more about the right way to clean your machine