Espresso Machine Cleaning & Maintenance

While we love to help people get into a new machine, we really love it when those machines last 10-15 years. As such, we’re happy to send you reminders of when and how to complete the necessary maintenance on your espresso machine and grinder.

To get started, we recommend doing a full clean.

First, here are the tools / supplies you will need:

  • Grouphead brush. We like this one from Pallo, but any hard bristled brush will work as well.
  • Blind Basket for your portafilter.
  • Full Circle / Cafiza Espresso Cleaner, or similar
  • Flathead screwdriver for E61 Machines (ECM, Profitec, Quick Mill), Phillips head for Saturated (A53, La Marzocco, Slayer)

If it has been 6 months since a full clean, you will also need:

Next – here are instructions for completing the cleaning:

If your machine is more than 6 months old, we also recommend completing the following 3 steps:

Once you are done, you can sign up here with whichever email address you would like to receive the emails:

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This will trigger a series of emails to remind you to complete this preventative maintenance when necessary. We will send you an email about every 6-8 weeks. If it’s too much, you can unsubscribe at any time.