All about Clive coffee subscriptions

Clive offers a subscription program for coffee in the way that we would want to participate in subscriptions. There are no complicated cancellations, subscription periods or complex terms. We made it dead simple.

Each subscription is perpetual: they automatically renew unless suspended or cancelled. For example, if you order a Greater Goods Good Vibes subscription for a 12oz bag each week, we will place a new order for you each week. We’ll keep your payment method on file and make it simple to suspend, cancel or switch it up to another coffee. Here’s how it works.

My Account Page on Clive Coffee

  • On the Subscription page, you can suspend, cancelreactivate a suspended subscription, change shipping addresses or switch up the quantity of coffee or frequency.
  • You will also see your next bill date. Don’t worry – we’ll also send you an email prior to the next billing to make sure you want to continue.

Subscription Overview

  • If you’d like to order a different coffee, just place a new subscription order and suspend or cancel the existing. You can have multiple active or suspended subscriptions at one time. For example, I have 2 subscriptions. 1 for Greater Goods Good Vibes (once every 2 weeks) and 1 for Verve Sermon (once every 2 weeks). It makes it easy to switch it up without having to time your orders.
  • Each coffee shipment will come through as a separate order. You will receive a shipping confirmation for each. This shipment will occur on the renewal date, listed above.

And the coolest part is:

  • Clive is offering a VIP shipping package. (Like Amazon Prime) For $150 per year, you can have all of your coffee shipped for free. Coffee generally ships for $7 per order. If you order once per week, you will save $210 or 57% per year. If you order once every 2 weeks, you will save $32 or 18% on shipping.
  • We are limiting this to only 200 subscriptions, because we are pretty sure we will lose our shirts on this.

This is exactly how we want to buy coffee. We hope you will like it as well. If you have any suggestions, comments or coffees you would like to see, please drop us a note at [email protected].