Here at Clive, we certainly understand the madness of Black Friday. As a consumer, you're rushing to find the best deals on everything you want to buy. And for us as a retailer, we're flooded with emails, phone calls and sales all while trying to maintain the excellent level of customer service and on-time shipping that we promise. The problem is, most people want to talk through a purchase this big. They want to think about it overnight. They want to make sure they pick the right colors, woods, and accessories. One day just isn't enough. 

Black Friday is for socks. Black November is for a lifetime purchase. 

So this year, we're saying goodbye to a single day of savings, and hello to Black November. All month long, we will have two amazing offers running and you get to choose which one you'd prefer. Take your time. This is our best deal of the year. 

Every 6th M58 is FREE!

During the month of November, every 6th LUCCA M58 Espresso Machine purchased will be free. Typically during these promotions, we sell about 5 machines per day. Is it your lucky day?? Roll the dice and find out. 

Double Points!

During the month of November, earn double Crema Club points! Instead of earning $1 in credit for every $50 spent, you will earn $2! 

*Please note that these offers cannot be combined. Double points will automatically be added to every order with the exception of M58s. 

Dani Raper

Dani Raper
Dani is a coffee lover, yet somewhat of a novice. In fact, it was only right before her first Clive purchase that she owned a Keurig. Eeeeeeh. We decided to give her a chance anyway and since she is in charge of all of our product content, she is learning quickly. Based in Park City with her family, she loves visiting the team in Portland and getting face time with the folks she usually only works with through her laptop.


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