Compak E5 Espresso Grinder Overview

Compak E5 Espresso Grinder Overview

The mark of a great burr grinder is a confluence of simplicity, power, and efficiency. The Compak E5 is a great example of how to blend all three.

One of my favorite things about the Compak E5 is that it has 58mm flat steel burrs and a 550 watt motor in a relatively short frame. Standing at only 16.5 inches tall it’ll easily fit under most all kitchen cabinets. Those specs will provide you with commercial grade performance, too. Its large burrs produce incredibly consistent grounds which makes for deliciously smooth shots – just like the kind you’ve come to love and expect from your favorite coffee shop. It’s also blazing fast. It’ll grind a 20-gram dose in just 8 seconds and do it without making much of a fuss as it’s surprisingly quiet. You can also grind dose after dose without worrying about heat buildup.

A built-in fan cools the E5’s large burrs to prevent them from transferring heat to your coffee, preserving freshness and consistent extractions whether you’re serving just one person or a couple dozen. This way, you can rest easy knowing that every single one of your guests got the same delicious shot of espresso.

Aside from sheer speed, the Compak E5 will also make your job ergonomic and easy. Its fully adjustable portafilter holder allows you to grind hands free. It also has a built-in grounds catch that’s removable to keep your counters nice and tidy. Its precise digital timed dosing function means that, once your grinder is dialed in, you’ll get the same dose every time even without weighing. Speaking of dialing in: the E5’s infinitely adjustable grind adjustment collar makes it easy make precise changes to grind size, big or small. It also features this handy lock so you can ensure your setting doesn't drift, or get changed by an intrepid loved one.

While the Compak E5 was built as a piece of fantastic engineering, it also has good looks to spare. Its modern design is built almost entirely of aluminum. Even details like the grind adjustment collar and portafilter holder, making every interaction with it feel solid and industrial. The glow of light from its touch control panel really completes the look.