ECM & Profitec Espresso Machine Giveaway

Up close photo of the Profitec Pro 700 Espresso Machine with LUCCA flow control paddle installed

For the month of June, we are partnering with ECM and Profitec to give away every 10th machine sold with LUCCA Flow Control for free.

 How it works:

1. Purchase one of the following E61 espresso machines from ECM or Profitec:

2. Purchase the LUCCA Flow Control device as an add on. Our technicians will install this for you.

3. Every 10th machine purchase will be contacted by a member of our CX team within 24 hours and will receive a refund for 100% of the cost of the machine and Flow Control device. We're serious. We love giving machines away. Our goal is to give away 1 machine per day - every day for the month of June. 

What is LUCCA Flow Control?

A device created by LUCCA, our in-house product development team at Clive, to improve your extraction and bring out the most flavor in your coffee, with an easy interface to guide your profiles. It allows baristas to experiment and customize every shot of espresso by adjusting water flow and pressure at the group head from 0 to 10 bar.

Shop the collection for your chance to win.

Not sure which machine is right for you?

Contact one of our espresso machine experts to be guided to the perfect fit.

Contest Rules, Return Agreement, and Warranty 

  • ECM and Profitec machines purchased with Flow Control throughout the month of June are eligible for exchanges only (no returns) under our 30-day love it guarantee.
  • If a machine experiences technical problems or arrives damaged due to shipping, contact  and we'll take care of you! Machine purchases for this contest include full post-purchase support from Clive.
  • Each machine includes a 3-year warranty by Clive.