ECM knows how to take a simple concept and elevate it to an unrivaled level of quality. A grinder is simply a set of precisely milled steel burrs attached to a powerful motor with a singular, delicious purpose. ECM preserves that simplicity in the S-Automatik with a compact design that features smooth curved stainless steel, plentiful performance, and one simple goal: great coffee.

When unboxing this grinder you’ll no doubt notice its surprising and impressive density. The Automatik may be compact, but not a single cubic inch inside its steel shell is wasted. A look at the specs sheet makes this apparent. Neatly tucked inside are large 64mm flat steel burrs and a considerable 450 Watt motor. Together, they’ll produce a fluffy, consistent 20-gram dose in just over 8 seconds, even when grinding fine enough for a concentrated ristretto. This translates directly to smooth, flavorful shots that will rival those of your favorite coffee shop so that you can enjoy the same rich espresso, americanos, and cappuccinos at home.

The S-Automatik is designed, first and foremost, to pack a big punch in an impressively small footprint. It does so with aplomb, and the exceptional experience doesn’t stop there.

From the on/off switch, which is a physical metal toggle with an industrial feel, to the grind button, which provides a satisfying tactile *click* with each press, the hand-built quality of the S-Automatik shines. The grind adjustment knob is a solid piece of turned steel, lending every rotation a feeling of mechanical intentionality. Its digital timer makes getting repeatable doses easy and is neatly located near the bottom of the grinder. ECM puts thought and care into every detail because they know that a great espresso grinder actually has two purposes: to grind coffee for delicious espresso and to make something you’re both excited to use and proud to own. 

ECM S-Automatik 64 Espresso Grinder dial

Whether you’re seeking out a beautiful grinder that’ll match perfectly with your prized espresso machine, something compact and utilitarian, or something with prosumer power and reliability, the ECM S-Automatik might be your newest upgrade.

Charles Kelso

Charles Kelso

Always fascinated by the process of making coffee, even as a kid Charles was sure he wanted to be a barista. After working as one for two years he wanted to help others enjoy the process as much as he does. By writing our product pages, video scripts, articles, and managing our social media accounts he's certainly executing that agenda. In his free time you're bound to find him taking photos, exploring Oregon's wilderness, and drinking plenty of good coffee.

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