Once every year we reserve a day to appreciate dads for all the great things they’ve taught us, experiences they’ve given us, and sigh-worthy jokes they’ve delivered (it’s the 17th this year, write that down, seriously). If your dad loves coffee then we have just the gifts to show that appreciation. If he doesn’t, you clicked on the wrong gift guide. 

Under $100

notNeutral VERO Cortado Glass – $18

We haven’t been able to keep these things on the shelves in our showroom (mostly because we keep using them). Not only do they have a satisfying heft in the hand, the inner surface is modeled after their cappuccino cups for smooth pouring. Plus, they’re made in the USA. Dads love that.

Clive Wood Tamper

Clive Wood Tamper – $75

As one of the few things that you touch every time you pull a shot, the tamper can quickly become a home barista’s most sentimental tool. Our Portland-made wood handled tampers can add a touch of warmth to dad’s daily espresso ritual.

ECM Angled Bottomless Portafilter

ECM Angled Bottomless Portafilter – $70

A new portafilter can drastically change the experience of using an espresso machine. ECM's 58mm bottomless portafilters come with a fantastic 20g basket and have a counter-balanced chrome tip, giving them a solid weight in hand.

Under $300

Clive Bottomless Portafilter

Clive Wood Bottomless Portafilter – $125

A great portafilter changes the look and feel of using an espresso machine, and our wood handled bottomless portafilters do just that. The bottomless design ensures your dad can perfect his technique and they’re also incredibly easy to clean. Truly a gift that keeps on giving.

ember travel mug

Ember Travel Mug – $149

Even if your dad is a Luddite, within a day of using this temperature controlled travel mug, he’ll toss his old thermos down the basement stairs. This will keep his americanos at perfect drinking temperature for hours.

acaia lunar scale

Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale – $220

The Lunar is our favorite espresso scale here at Clive. And for good reason. It’s water resistant, made entirely of aluminum, has a built-in timer, and is incredibly fast. This is a gift that’s sure to become the crown jewel of your dad’s countertop.

Under $600

ratio eight coffee maker

Ratio Eight Coffee Maker – $495

Listen. Here at Clive Coffee, our order of priorities are our country, family, and espresso. But every now and then we just want a cup of great drip coffee. Nothing provides that as easily, or with the same aesthetic gravity, as the Ratio Eight. Assembled here in Portland, this isn’t your dad’s coffee maker, but it sure as hell could be.

baratza sette 270wi

Baratza Sette 270Wi – $549

If your dad is still assembling their espresso setup or thinking about an upgrade, chances are they could use a better grinder. The Baratza Sette 270Wi is a wonderful espresso grinder that will accurately weigh your dose for you as it grinds. This makes it dead simple for anyone (yes, your dad too) to pull consistently delicious shots.

"Favorite-Child" Tier

Maybe you’ve finally found the perfect way to thank your dad for all those awesome camping trips and ball games he took you to while growing up. Or maybe you’re just making up for that thing you did a few years back. It’s none of our business,and either way, these are our favorite show-stopping espresso machine and grinder combos that will work for just about any home espresso bar and provide your dad with amazing coffee for decades of father’s days to come.

Lucca A53 Mini – $1895

The LUCCA A53 Mini Espresso Machine by La Spaziale offers all the amenities of a prosumer dual boiler at a height that fits under most all cabinets, and with a front-loading reservoir to make refills easy.

Eureka Atom – $899

We love the Eureka Atom alongside it for its nearly silent grinding, which is quiet enough to talk over, but still quick enough to grind a 20g dose in around 8 seconds.


ECM Synchronika – $2999

If your dad is deserving of a Rolls Royce (level coffee experience), ECM has you covered. The Synchronika is one of our all-time favorite espresso machines offering dual boilers, temperature control, stellar German design and a near silent rotary pump.

ECM V-Titan 64 – $1399

The V-Titan espresso grinder offers large 64mm titanium-coated steel burrs that may truly last a lifetime and a classic 50s inspired streamlined design that looks incredible alongside the Synchronika. With that and the incredibly smooth shots this grinder produces, any dad’s jaw will be on the floor.

ecm synchronika + ecm v titan 64 grinder

Charles Kelso

Charles Kelso

Charles has always been fascinated by the process of making coffee. Even as a kid he was sure he wanted to be a barista. After working as one for two years he realized that what he now loves most is helping others to enjoy the experience as much as he does. Charles writes our product pages and video scripts as well as running Clive's Instagram, sharing his coffee passion with others. In his free time, Charles enjoys photography and of course more coffee nerdery.

Favorite drink
Cortado, in a notNeutral Vero glass.