Free Grinder Dial-In Service

Free Grinder Dial-In Service

One of the biggest pain points in learning how to be a home barista is dialing in a grinder for the first time. We have lots of videos and articles to help guide you through this process. But even for the best instruction followers, it can be daunting. Not only is it a steep learning curve, but also you are usually learning with expensive coffee. 

At Clive, we dial in grinders hundreds of times a year. We could do it in our sleep. As such, we have decided to simply get our customers started off right by dialing-in all, new espresso machine and grinder pairings so that everyone can be successful out-of-the-box. Everyone will still need to learn how to fine tune on their own, but having a great, successful starting point saves hours of potential frustration and lots of money in great coffee. 


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