If you’re like us, coffee is a vital component of turning the cold winter months into a time of holiday cheer. More importantly, if you’re a human being it’s hard to pick out gifts for everyone on your list. Particularly, if one of those people is the home barista who has it all. Luckily, the coffee industry is an ever-evolving rabbit hole of ever better machines, genuinely helpful gadgets, and beautiful accessories. Here are some of our favorites.

Under $250

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Espresso Packages

LUCCA M58 espresso machine and ECM V-Titan 64 espresso grinder - lifestyle

The Aesthetically-Inclined Entertainer

LUCCA M58 + ECM V-Titan

The bundle that’ll put a twinkle in any home barista’s eye. A glance will tell you that this is a premium home setup, but inside the LUCCA M58, you get all the tech and power necessary to pull shots just as good (or better than!) those at your favorite coffee shop. The V-Titan combines modern tech with timeless looks for an experience that both looks and tastes delicious. Throw in the optional Titanium burrs to turn it into a family heirloom.

LUCCA A53 Mini and Eureka Atom 65

The Professional

LUCCA A53 Mini + Eureka Atom 65

Sometimes the hardest thing about getting a gift is picking the right size. These two machines help take that out of the equation. Both the A53 and the Eureka Atom 65 fit everything that’s great about commercial and prosumer machines into compact designs that will fit in almost any kitchen. Volumetric shot buttons, timed dosing, temperature control, optional pre-infusion — you don’t need to understand all this yet, just know that you’ll make one coffee nerd very, very happy.

ECM Mechanika V Slim and Profitec T64

The Scotty

ECM Mechanika V Slim + ECM S-Automatik 64

For those that enjoy larger lattes or serving your guests, many compact espresso machines will leave them begging for more power. The Mechanika Slim and S-Automatik both pack more power into their frames than seems possible and they look stunning doing it. With a 2.2L steam boiler and 64mm flat burrs, you’ll leave Scotty alone.

The Perfect Starter Kit, Profitec Pro 300 and Eureka Mignon Perfetto

The Perfect Starter Kit

Profitec Pro 300 + Eureka Mignon Perfetto

You’ll see lots of entry-level espresso machine recommendations out there, but this is one many will never outgrow and when well taken care of, can last decades. The Pro 300 and Mignon Perfetto give you most of the best things that machines triple their price offer. These compact machines that are built with exceptional quality and attention to detail.

I just want a cup of coffee

The “I just want a damn good cup of coffee”

Ratio Eight + Baratza Virtuoso

Some people just want a great cup of drip coffee. We can get behind that, and we can also help you make sure they get the best drip coffee out there. The Ratio Eight is assembled right here in Portland and is built with machined aluminum and real wood. Its design and programming ensure proper temperature, flow, distribution, and brew time so you can get great coffee without the work, but its day job is as an art piece in your kitchen.