La Spaziale Vivaldi II vs Lucca A53 Espresso Machine

La Spaziale Vivaldi II vs Lucca A53 Espresso Machine

Did you know that Lucca is Clive Coffee's own brand of exclusive espresso machines, made from fantastic partnerships with companies that have decades of experience making phenomenal machines? It's true. So when we got to know the internal workings of the La Spaziale Vivaldi II, we thought that it would be a great machine to customize externally and become one of ours. Enter the Lucca A53 by La Spaziale

So, what's the difference between these two machines? Internally, they are exactly the same. We took the Vivaldi II and customized its external features to create the Lucca A53. With dual boilers, precise digital temperature control technology, and programmable temperature and volumetric dose settings, both these machines have everything you need to pull your dream shots.

Lucca A53 Espresso Machine

The differences are all visual. The first thing you’ll notice on the Lucca A53 is the modern-looking control panel on the front of the machine. We love the subtle look of the back-lit white Lucca logo and the red temperature indicators. The small chrome buttons complement the machine’s style while reducing the commercial feel. The soft matte finish of the Lucca A53 control panel has also been applied to the drip tray to round off the design.

Lucca A53 espresso machine

The other difference is the portafilters that come supplied with the machines. The Vivaldi II is equipped with a single-spouted portafilter and a double-spouted portafilter, as per most espresso machines on the market.

Lucca espresso machines all come with a double-spouted portafilter and a triple bottomless portafilter. The latter are commonly found in popular cafes these days, and they help baristas hone their dosing and tamping technique to prevent the dreaded ‘channeling’. It does take practice to get used to the bottomless portafilter, but bear in mind that is the whole point of using it!

The Lucca A53 and A53 Mini both come with black plastic panels as standard but can be elegantly adorned with our custom made wood panels in walnut, mahogany, bubinga or wenge. These panels are locally made here in Oregon and can be complemented with matching portafilter handles and tampers.

You could say the Vivaldi II and the Lucca A53 are like genetically identical twins separated at birth. They have different accents and nuances but are ultimately going to perform the same when put to the test.