LUCCA S58 Espresso Machine Overview

LUCCA S58 Espresso Machine Overview

Clive is proud to introduce the LUCCA S58 by Profitec, our exclusive under-counter dual boiler espresso machine. This innovative design is the result of years of collaboration with Profitec to create a first-of-its-kind machine that offers a truly unique combination of power and convenience.


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What you see on the countertop may seem familiar: polished stainless steel, an E61 group head, steam, hot water, a PID…but the case only looks to be about the size of a single boiler. That’s because the machine’s rotary pump and water hookups are in their own case beneath your counter. This has never been done before, and the benefits become clear before you pull your first shot. When you compare the LUCCA S58 to other dual boiler E61 espresso machines with similar specs, you save a considerable amount of counter space.

By stowing some of the machine’s largest components under your counter, the machine on your counter is surprisingly compact while delivering all the power and amenities you’d expect of a modern dual boiler E61 machine. Putting the machine’s already-quiet rotary pump under your counter has the added benefit of making the machine absolutely silent.

Since playing with the first prototype here in our Portland showroom, we found an inherent joy in getting so much power and capability from such a small machine. Somehow it feels like cheating. Its 2L steam boiler, capable of 2 bar pressure as opposed to the usual 1.5, makes quick work of even large quantities of milk and has enough capacity to serve a party while maintaining consistent pressure.

Lucca S58 by Profitec espresso machine

It’s certainly just as proficient in the brewing department. Profitec has always done a fantastic job of combining powerful heating elements with a PID and E61 group head to produce impressive performance. You can trust this machine to deliver consistent brew temp whether you’re pulling one shot or a couple dozen. When direct plumbed, its E61 group head allows for manual pre-infusion, adding another layer of depth and control to your extractions. If you opt to use the reservoir you’ll find its large 4L removable reservoir provides enough water for days of shots at a time.

When it comes to the details, we use reliable components that just make us happy. We chose joystick activated steam and hot water arms for their snappy, responsive feel. The machine’s white-on-black dual pressure gauge looks great and keeps the face of the machine uncluttered. Further, the LUCCA S58 comes with two of our favorite portafilters on the market: ECM’s angled bottomless with its counter-balanced handle, precise 20g basket, and durable bakelite grip and the matching ECM spouted portafilter.

Lucca S58 by profitec espresso machine in san francisco

As home baristas ourselves, we’re excited for you to get your hands on the S58. Whether you want a compact yet powerful machine or one that combines cutting edge tech with classic styling, we know you’ll love it.