Macap and Mazzer Grinder Comparison

Macap and Mazzer Grinder Comparison

Every espresso machine owner should have a good quality grinder to get the most out of their machine. For many peopleMazzer immediately comes to mind as this is a well known and widely distributed machine throughout the USA. Due to its popularity and reputation for high-quality machines, there are an abundance of reviews and online resources dedicated to Mazzer grinders. 

Macap grinders, on the other hand, are not so well known here. They are extremely popular in Europe and Asia, and rightly so. Their design and build quality are of the highest standards. The placement of the motor is such that air can flow through easily to assist in keeping it cool. The electric cord is conveniently placed under the unit for multi-directional use. They check the alignment of every single grinder before it leaves the factory to ensure the most uniform grind is produced.

Macap Mazzer Grinder Comparison

There is one key difference between the Mazzer and the Macap grinders: the grind adjustment mechanism.

Mazzer has a stepless micrometrical adjustment lever that allows infinite grind adjustment settings. However, the required amount of force for an accurate adjustment can take a bit of getting used to. We find that you have to push quite hard for it to move, so it’s easy to over-do it and go too far.

Some Macap grinders are built with the dreaded ‘stepped’ adjustment mechanism. This is quickly going out of fashion because the pre-designated steps are usually too large to fine-tune your shots down to the nearest second. Or to the nearest tenth of a second, for that matter.

In contrast, the Macap models we carry have stepless adjustment by way of the simple twist of a worm-gear knob located behind the base of the bean hopper. This design takes infinite adjustment to the next level. It is a major plus for the Macap grinders as fine-tuning your grind should be a precise and painless process.

This may be a good time to mention that with any grinder, unless it is completely empty you should have it running while adjusting to a finer grind so that beans aren’t preventing the movement of the burrs and putting undue stress on the machine.


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