Macap M7D Espresso Grinder Overview

Macap M7D Espresso Grinder Overview

Large conical burrs are becoming more popular among home baristas due to their relatively low retention and for the distinct flavor they produce. The Macap M7D has been our most popular grinder in this category over the past few years, and it continues to hold that spot today.

The M7D makes an impression. Its silhouette is equally impressive whether in gleaming chrome or slick matte black. Its all aluminum case conceals a massive 800W motor, providing a truly commercial level of power to its 68mm conical steel burrs. This translates to wonderfully fast grind times, with a 20-gram dose only taking around 4 seconds. But these specs don’t just translate to speed. Altogether, they allow the M7D to provide this performance while producing far fewer rotations per minute than most other commercial-ready espresso grinders, running at around 350 rpm.

Grinders with lower RPMs produce a relatively small amount of heat through friction between the coffee and the burrs. Heat generally results in inconsistent shots and pulls flavor from the coffee. So even if you’re serving a morning rush, heat isn’t much of a concern. It also means that the M7D doesn’t need a fan, making it considerably quieter than competing conical burr grinders.

When it comes to grind retention, the M7D is among the best in its class. It retains just 4.5 grams on average, so you’ll never have to purge stale grounds for more than a second before getting fresh coffee. Espresso grinders with a low grind retention are proficient at single dosing. Ben used it as his daily single doser for years, and many of our M7D customers do the same. As with most grinders, you will find that grind times are longer when single dosing, with a 20g dose taking around 20 seconds. But the shots speak for themselves: they’re delicious.

Even after pulling a dozen shots in a row we still get the clear, bright conical burr flavor we expect. This consistency is also why the M7D has served as our barista class grinder for years. It’s more than up to the task of pulling shot after shot while our guests practice latte art.

When it comes to the user interface, Macap kept things simple. There’s a single button/dial combination just above the blue LCD and a grind button nested in its fully adjustable portafilter holder, which can fit any portafilter. The dial makes it easy to adjust the M7D’s precise timed dose settings, and you’re never more than a couple button presses away from the dose or setting you’re after.

Whether you want a stellar conical burr grinder for you cafe at a reasonable price, or you want some of the best conical burr shots you can get at home, the M7D should be one of your top contenders.