The Must-Have Accessories of 2022

Matte black LUCCA M58 espresso machine with the LUCCA Atom 75 espresso grinder in black with LUCCA accessories: milk pitcher, tamping mat, tamper, and Clive Coffee airscape canister

We’re never trying to overcomplicate things. We want your morning routine to be easy and fun and your coffee to taste as good as the time you’ll have making it. You don’t need to spend fortunes on accessories. What you need is a few solid staples — like a good pair of boots and Levi's jeans, a solid espresso scale and a tamper will make your coffee style that much better. Really. 

Introducing LUCCA Accessories

For the first time, LUCCA has its own line of premium accessories.

LUCCA milk steaming pitcherShop the LUCCA tamper, milk steaming pitchers, tamping mats, and shot glasses. High-quality, simple products with the LUCCA stamp of approval. 

LUCCA accessories GIF

NEW: The WDT Tool by Sworks design

WDT tool with ECM Dosing FunnelHave you tried a WDT tool? Many home baristas get a little DIY with this. We've seen toothpicks and sewing needles placed into wine corks. People are doing whatever it takes to get the effects of the WDT method. Unlike distribution tools, this tool de-clumps grounds and evenly distributes grounds throughout the entire bed of coffee. Upon using it, we noticed immediate, positive results. If you’re struggling with channeling or getting shots to pull consistently or evenly, this is a must-try. 

NEW: The Timemore Nano Scale

timemore nano scale

An absolute essential to an espresso routine — a scale. We can't stress it enough. If you aren’t using a scale, you haven’t had your best coffee. The only way to fine-tune and get consistent results, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The Timemore Nano scale is another solid option, competition to the industry fave, the Acaia Lunar.

Have your doubts? Read more on The Importance of a Coffee Scale.

NEW: The Premium Accessories Package

clive coffee premium accessories kit

Our premium accessories package is a one-stop shop for an enhanced morning coffee routine. Industry favorites include the Acaia Lunar, WDT Tool, Pullman Tamper, and more. Get the tools every professional barista uses to achieve café-quality at home.