It's true - your grinder has been dialed in for you.

ECM V-Titan Espresso Grinder

Your grinder has been dialed in by our techs at Clive! If you use the Verve coffee provided in the Home Barista Starter Kit and dose 18 grams into the double spouted portafilter or 20 grams into the bottomless portafilter (if you have one) then you will get a 1:1.5 ratio in 25 seconds.

Due to the differences in tamping, humidity, the age of coffee and other small factors, you may have to make a small adjustment on your grind setting to get that exact ratio. If your shot poured a little fast, adjust your grinder finer, purge a small amount of beans and try again. If the shot poured a little slow, do the same but make the adjustment coarser. When adjusting a grinder, it is always recommended to err on the side of making very small adjustments over large adjustments.

If you plan on using a different coffee, be aware that you will have to make more adjustments to get this other bean dialed in on your grinder.

For more tips on using your grinder and all of the best coffee know-how, check out our blog to learn how to pull the perfect shot, plus so much more!