My name is Victoria and most days you can find me in the showroom restocking merchandise or watering plants, but if you’ve ever stopped by on a Saturday morning and heard the commotion or cheering sounds of successful latte making coming from behind the partitions, that’s me also.


A few years ago, we decided to hold home-barista courses in the class space of our Portland showroom. At Clive, one of the many things we work at accomplishing is cultivating a hunger and excitement for home espresso. We don’t just plan on getting you into awesome equipment and then leave you hanging; we’re here to help for the long haul! Whether you’ve owned every machine on the market, you don’t even know how to spell espresso, or your friend just brought you along to join them, this class is for you.


The class is designed to allow a hands-on experience through the basics of shot pulling and milk steaming. We cover how to dial in your shots through grind setting adjustability as well as perfecting dosing and tamping, followed by milk steaming techniques. Lastly, we pull it all together for the perfect cappuccino to sip on while we touch on machine cleaning and maintenance.


We limit the class size to 2 to 4 people to ensure a great experience for everyone (if you have 4 or more people, email us at [email protected] to arrange a private class). Each participant will receive 15% off accessories purchased in our showroom on the day of the class. We provide note paper (in case you’re the note taking type), and all of the coffee beans and milk you could possibly need. 

Sign up now for our Milk Steaming and Latte Art Class and for our more in-depth Home Barista Class

Victoria Gormley

Victoria Gormley
Victoria is a transplant from Sacramento where she worked as a barista. In her free time she enjoys film photography, ceramics, and hanging out with dogs. Victoria works in the Clive showroom perfecting the experience of buying and understanding coffee equipment. When you call Clive Coffee, you'll frequently be greeted by Victoria, and she'll make sure you are pointed in the right direction with all of your home barista needs.


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