Profitec T64 Espresso Grinder Overview

Profitec T64 Espresso Grinder Overview

Profitec is known for making espresso machines with immaculate attention to engineering detail. The Profitec T64 espresso grinder is no different.

Immediately you’ll notice that Profitec has kept the design simple and paid homage to the cone-shaped chutes of classic cafe grinders. Each and every touch point drives home the T64’s hand-built quality. The steel grind adjustment knob and sturdy timed dose buttons make every shot a tactile, mechanical experience. The timed doses are programmable to the tenth of a second through the simple digital interface at the bottom, making for repeatable dosing and maintaining the classic silhouette. It’s also equipped with an adjustable portafilter holder that allows for hands-free grinding with any portafilter. Plus, the design of the chute means that grounds always fall in a tidy pile right in the middle of your basket.

The worm gear adjustment system is satisfying to use and built to be sturdy and precise. You’ll get that sense with every turn, but opening up the burr chamber and looking at the massive threads around the upper burr assembly are sure to give you a greater appreciation for the craftsmanship behind this grinder.

Packed in its compact frame are large 64mm flat steel burrs and a 450 Watt motor, making it a true prosumer grinder that will easily fit under most kitchen cabinets. Comparable grinders like the Eureka Zenith or Mazzer Mini Type A are significantly taller, making the T64 an appealing choice. It is slightly louder than some of the other grinders in its price range, ECM’s own V-Titan, for instance, is noticeably quieter, but it’s certainly nothing that would stop us from highly recommending this machine.

The T64’s high-end specs make for fast grind times, with a 20-gram dose taking just over 7 seconds which put it toe-to-toe with even more expensive grinders. We’ve long been fans of the way shots from the T64 taste as well. That classic, smooth flat burr flavor never gets old. That’s why it’s an old standby here at Clive, and why we have custom side panels made right here in Portland to add a uniquely warm touch.