Why We Love the LUCCA A53 Mini

Why We Love the LUCCA A53 Mini

When we created the LUCCA A53 Mini, we wanted to take a powerful and reliable single group espresso machine and make it even better. La Spaziale has been making espresso machines in Italy for 50 years and their Vivaldi II machine is a time-honored classic. So it was a no-brainer to begin our collaboration with such a reputable company. In the video below, we'll take a look at our 5 favorite things about the LUCCA A53 Mini by La Spaziale. 

Video Transcript Below:

  1. Front loading reservoir

This may seem like a boring feature but it’s actually incredibly valuable. Many home baristas want to place their home machines in a spot with overhead cabinets. While there are many machines that can fit, they often just squeak under. The problem is that almost all of those machines have a reservoir that is accessed from the top of the machine at the back, making it inaccessible with overhead cabinets. The A53 Mini’s front-loading reservoir and short stature means that it can easily fit in almost any kitchen.

  1. Pre-Infusion Chamber

Generally, in order to have pre-infusion, you need a direct-plumbed machine. The LUCCA A53 Mini has a pre-infusion chamber that allows you to easily add pre-infusion to a reservoir machine – a rare combination of features. This chamber causes the pressure at the group head to slowly ramp up over the course of 10-12 seconds, gently saturating the puck and helping ensure consistently even extractions.

  1. Volumetric Shot Programming

The A53 Mini sports two programmable volumetric shot buttons. These can be set to dispense a specific volume of water and then automatically stop your shot. Not only is this convenient, but it’s also a great way to make pulling shots easier for guests. Plus, it frees up your hands to steam milk while your shot pulls, making it far quicker to whip up a handful of drinks in a row.

  1. Included Bottomless Portafilter

We’re big fans of bottomless portafilters and we know that many home baristas are too. That’s why we included a bottomless portafilter and 20g basket with the LUCCA A53 Mini. Having the ability to see your extraction as the shot is pulling a valuable learning tool. They’re also incredibly easy to keep clean. Just a quick rinse and you’re ready for the next shot.

  1. Three-Year Warranty

Alright, this one might be stretching a little bit, but just consider it our vote of confidence in the A53 Mini. We worked closely with La Spaziale to modify their time-tested Vivaldi into something that home baristas would love. We continue working closely with them, making updates over the years to ensure it delivers a great user experience. That means designing an intuitive user interface as well as making sure the internals are tidy and easy to service. We’re confident you’ll love it, and we want you to feel confident, too.