Ratio Eight Brewing Guide

Ratio Guide 1 Fill Tank

Fill the tank

Fill the water tank to desired level with fresh, cool water. If using the Ratio carafe to transfer water, ensure it is free of coffee residue from previous brews.

Ratio Guide 2 Choose Filter

Choose your filter

The Ratio carafe was designed to use Chemex paper filters or our custom perforated stainless steel filter, the Ratio Kone.

Ratio Guide 3 Add coffee grounds

Add coffee grounds

Add freshly ground coffee to the filter. We recommend starting with 14 level tablespoons, or 70 grams for a full batch. For a half batch, add 7 level tablespoons, or 35 grams. When placing the carafe back in the Ratio Eight, make sure you tilt the carafe so that you do not hit the showerhead.

Ratio Guide 4 Begin cycle

Begin the brewing cycle by touching the start button

You can preheat the carafe with hot water from your sink, a kettle, or by running a brew cycle of any size without coffee. Alternately, you can fill the tank beyond your intended batch size and stop the brew cycle when the tank reaches the desired level by touching the button. If you run more than intended, just top up the tank as needed.

Ratio Guide 5 Ready


Your brew cycle will complete when the “Ready” indicator is on. The water may continue to drip through the grounds for the next 10-40 seconds depending on the grind. You can quickly wipe up any condensation on the front of the Ratio with the included microfiber towel, or let it evaporate naturally.

Remove the carafe from the base of the unit, and then remove the filter with the spent coffee grounds inside. The Ratio Eight will turn itself off automatically after the carafe has been removed. If you do not remove the carafe, the “Ready” light will blink for a few minutes, then turn off. You can discard or compost the coffee grounds.