Coffee Grinder Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve ever spent time on our website or in our showroom you may have gotten lost dreaming and scrolling through the countless espresso machines, coffee makers and grinders that we have to offer. When you are thinking about a coffee setup, whether it’s as simple as a pour over or as complex as a vacuum brewer, you will need a coffee grinder that will fit all of your needs, and we are here to simplify your search by identifying what features will be most helpful to you.

In a world where you can find a cheap grinder in the same store that you buy your candles, it becomes more and more challenging to decide where affordable and reliable meet. Depending on your setup we have a few options that range from simplistic to versatile and up to commercial grade grinders that can keep up with high demand.

Tier 1: Affordable

These grinders are affordable and have very straightforward adjustments. These are perfect for those who simply need to adjust grind for French press, aeropress and everything in between. However, lacking integrated scales and some lacking programmable timers, they can often feel limiting for those who want more features, unless the simplistic design is exactly what you’re looking for.

Tier 2: Grinding by Weight and Time

Regardless of your preferred method, one of the most important aspects of brewing coffee is the brewing ratios, or how much water is used relative to the amount of coffee. The most precise way to monitor this variable is with a scale, so having one integrated with your grinder leaves you with one less step in your routine and a precise brew every time. Simply punch in the desired weight in grams, push start, and watch your grinder run to the programmed weight.

Tier 3: Commercial Batch Grinder

If your brewing routine is at a higher volume than most, you may need to consider a grinder that can sustain grinding a larger amount of coffee for longer periods of time. We would like you to meet Clive’s very first high volume grinder that can easily handle bulk coffee and includes a precise micrometric adjustment knob and is designed to effectively move grounds without heating them. With its heavy duty 85mm burrs and 750-watt motor, the Eureka Drogheria will efficiently and effectively keep up with your demand as it can work through 66lbs. in an hour all while keeping a consistent grind setting.