Coffee Makers Buyer’s Guide

We’re tested many coffee maker models over the years but have declined to offer them. They usually fail for some combination of brewing parameters (brewing too hot or cold, or for too long) and build quality (LOTS of flimsy plastic parts that waft as you brew).

Here at Clive we have always loved Technivorm and Bonavita brewers. These are easy to use, reliable, well-built, and offer consistent brewing excellence. In 2012, our founder Mark launched Ratio to develop a coffee machine built of extraordinarily high quality materials, that had the ease and convenience of a simple drip coffee maker with the taste and precision of a handmade, pour over cup of coffee

We’ve narrowed down the choices to three essential models.

Technivorm and Bonavita would remain the best choices for “Low to Medium Price – Simple Features – Basic Materials – Proper Brewing.”

Ratio would be the choice for “High Price – Smart yet Simple Features – Premium Materials – Proper Brewing.”

Any questions on which is the best brewer for you? We’re eager to help.