The Top 5 Grinders of 2022

Lelit Bianca espresso machine with the Oro XL espresso grinder in black

Let me kick you a scenario: You just received your shiny new espresso machine. Unboxed and on the counter,  the machine grumbles at you to pull your first shots. The missing ingredient? Coffee. You jaunt to your local café and buy a bag of your favorite single-origin Ethiopian light roast. The barista asks if you need your beans ground. You respond, “Yes, please. Ground at your finest espresso setting!” You get home, load up your portafilter with coffee, lock the portafilter into your group head, and flip the brew lever up to start your first espresso shot. Disaster ensues. There are errant streams of brown liquid spraying everywhere. You flip down the brew lever in dismay, wondering what could have gone wrong. 

By now, you can infer that grinding coffee with your own grinder will go a very long way with your brewing experience. Why? The best grinders are intuitive, have a wide range of adjustments for fine-tuning, and can grind your coffee evenly and consistently. Having the ability to control your grind size will help you build and alter an espresso recipe, switch back and forth between brew methods, and assist in your overall espresso technique. The five grinders we chose to represent the best of the best this year will help you make that shot worthy of your best latte art design and the best AeroPress to drink around that campfire.

Without further ado, introducing our top five espresso and coffee grinders of 2022:

1. Lucca Atom 75

LUCCA Atom 75 Espresso Grinder, with ECM Synchronika Espresso Machine, from Clive Coffee, lifestyle

After years of development, our Lucca R&D team, in collaboration with Eureka, finally released the pride of Clive Coffee—the Lucca Atom 75. We took what makes the original Eureka Atom 75 great and transformed it into a grinder that can help you dial in any coffee while reducing coffee waste. Our patented TrueGrind technology employs a laser sensor that measures the distance between the burrs, calculates a grind setting in numerical form on the grinder’s screen, and tells you where to move the adjustment dial. The grinder learns with you. If your first shot was not perfect, we created a dial-in assistant that logs your real-time espresso stats and recalculates a grind position for you — getting you closer to that perfect shot of espresso. With its massive cryo-treated 75mm burrs and powerful 900w motor, you can grind your coffee dose between 2-3 seconds, making it rival the performance of many commercial grinders. The connected TrueGrind app helps you access a library of coffees and curated recipes in partnership with Mistobox and allows you to create your own coffee profiles. Did we start a revolution in espresso grinding? We sure think so. 


  • App connectivity
  • Curated library of coffees and recipes 
  • Dial-in assistant


  • Geared mainly toward espresso grinding 

2. Eureka Oro Mignon Single-Dose 

ECM Puristika espresso machine and the Eureka Mignon single dose grinderSingle dosing has been all the rage lately, and for a good reason. You get to grind your dose on the fly by ditching the traditional hopper, making switching coffees a breeze. The Eureka Oro Mignon Single-Dose combines versatility with low grind retention (0.3-0.5g), speedy grind times (averaging 5-8 seconds), and a clean workflow. The Mignon SD supplants our perennial best-seller, the Eureka Mignon Specialita, as a premium upgrade pick because you get a more extensive burr set (65mm) and motor (320w) for only $150 more. As a result, you get a significant leap in performance without making a huge commitment. Decked out with a custom wood hopper lid and dosing cup base, the premium touch points on this grinder match the grind quality. Compact with a sleek insulated casing that keeps the volume to a minimum— your family will thank you.


  • Low grind retention 
  • Easy to maintenance 
  • Quiet
  • Premium dosing cup, two hopper lids (wood & clear), and optional bellows 


  • Difficult to use for multiple brew methods 
  • The stepless adjustment knob could be a learning curve for beginners 

3. DF64 Single-Dose Grinder 

DF64 Grinder with Profitec Pro 400, from Clive Coffee, lifestyle

Another single-dose grinder to grace our best of 2022 list, the DF64 fills a critical need that has become necessary for the home barista who requires versatility, experiments with coffee choice, and brews with multiple brew methods. The DF64 scores high marks because it combines grind quality, customization, and affordability in its stylish cylindrical frame. The grinder has 90 stepless adjustments; the micrometric collar adjustment makes it seamless to switch back and forth between pour-over, espresso, and everything in between. The DF64’s burrs also can be upgraded to the much sought-after SSP burrs, letting you tailor your experience even further with burrs dedicated to brewed coffee, espresso, and multipurpose brewing. SSP burrs will last the home barista a lifetime, and the possibilities for unlocking new flavors in your espresso are endless. 


  • Multiple SSP burr options for different applications 
  • Easy to adjust between multiple brew methods 


  • More prone to static 
  • Plastic dosing cup 

4. Eureka Oro Mignon XL 

ECM Classika PID espresso machine and the Eureka ORO Mignon XL espresso grinder in whiteEureka knocked it out of the park with another entry from their ORO line of grinders — the Mignon XL. If you want commercial-like performance in a small package, this is that grinder. A mini version of the beefier Atom 65 saves you counter space and a piece that will complement your espresso machine rather than overshadow it. With its stainless steel insulated frame, you can grind a 20g dose within ~6 seconds without waking up the house. Equipped with a 300g bean hopper, the XL is versatile—able to single-dose with low grind retention. The XL pairs well with any espresso machine in our lineup, from the La Marzocco GS3 to the ECM Casa V. 


  • 65 mm flat hardened diamond inside burrs
  • Easy to maintenance 
  • Quiet
  • Low grind retention
  • Includes all-in-one grinder mat, tamp station, and brush


  • Aesthetically similar to other Eureka Mignon grinders
  • The stepless adjustment knob could be a learning curve for beginners 

5. Fellow Ode

Fellow Ode coffee grinder in black and the matte black Ratio Six coffee makerAll the grinders on this top five list have thus far concerned espresso grinding, yet the Fellow Ode is remarkable for being the best at grinding for filter coffee. Please do not use this grinder with an espresso machine. Fellow has long made a name for themselves by elevating mundane coffee accessories like mugs and gooseneck kettles by reimagining them into what those products should be. The Ode combines beauty with brawn, pairing impressive 64mm flat stainless steel burrs and a consistent 1400 rpm with a sleek and stylish design logic. As a result, the Ode boasts the best grounds distribution out of our entire brew grinder lineup, which as coffee experts, help make your coffee taste better. As a bonus, the Ode is quiet in operation and tactile in use—sliding its magnetized dosing cup into place lends a satisfying and premium feel. The Ode is also versatile for folks who love to experiment with more tea-like coffees; the Ode is customizable with SSP burrs, giving delicate flavor profiles a more intense clarity. 


  • 64mm SSP burr compatible 
  • Single-dose hopper
  • Quiet operation
  • Auto-off functionality
  • 31 grind settings


  • Stepped adjustments
  • Can produce static 
  • Cannot brew for espresso 

Honorable Mentions

1. Baratza Encore 

Baratza Encore coffee grinder with the stainless steel ratio six coffee maker

The Encore is a solid brew grinder at an affordable price ($164.95). Baratza has updated the aesthetic to give the Encore a fresh look; however, the grind quality is more or less the same. 

2. ECM V-Titan 64

ECM V Titan espresso grinder with the ECM Mechanika V Slim espresso machine

The Titan just missed the cut because the aesthetic tends to match ECM-branded espresso machines best. Performance-wise, the Titan comes with an upgraded 64mm flat titanium burr, a micrometric worm-drive grind adjustment knob, and a powerful 450w motor. 

3. Mahlkönig X54 

Mahlkonig X54 all purpose grinder with the Ratio Six coffee maker in stainless steel
The X54 is a beautiful all-purpose grinder option. It has a more extensive range of adjustments for brew methods that require a finer grind than most all-purpose grinders. The X54 comes with a dosing cup and a portafilter attachment to grind straight into your portafilter. The hopper, however, is huge and cannot single-dose well. 

A good grinder is crucial to making exceptional coffee and will make or break. Whether that brew method is pour-over or espresso, the grinder puts you in control over your coffee-making experience.  You deserve good coffee, and finding the right grinder will help you achieve that.