What's New in the Profitec Pro 700 Version 2?

What's New in the Profitec Pro 700 Version 2?

The Profitec Pro 700 has long been one of our most popular dual boiler, E61 group head home espresso machines. Profitec just released an updated version of this espresso machine for 2019 with a few key updates that make it an even sweeter deal.

Styling Changes

The Profitec Pro 700 Mk2, 2019 - Featuring updates steam knob and pressure gauges - lifestyle

At a glance, you might notice a few updates right away. Profitec replaced the Pro 700’s retro knobs with a new gem-like design made of dense bakelite plastic. They also feature a new larger chrome cap. This is a welcome change that helps the Pro 700 stand out a bit alongside its competition, while still preserving the no-wear rotary valves that many fans love. Look a little further down and you’ll notice the Pro 700’s new pressure gauges. They’re a white-on-black design with an updated font that Profitec has been using on machines like the Pro 600 for a little while now. The stylized “P” insignia matches the addition of the same insignia to the new drip tray design.

Engineering Changes

The Profitec Pro 700 Mk2 and it's stainless steel mushroom, updated steam power - lifestyle

Just beneath the surface, there are a few design and materials updates that Profitec implemented to make the Pro 700 even more powerful and reliable. The one we think you’ll be most excited about is 2 bar steam pressure. Just like its bigger brother, the ECM Synchronika, the Pro 700 is now capable of higher pressure than the 1.5 bar delivered by most espresso machines. This translates to faster steaming and better texturing from the same 2-Liter boiler. The second materials upgrade is in the machine’s E61 group head: Profitec designed a new mushroom (the top bolt of the timeless group head design) that is made entirely of stainless steel in order to make this high-wear part last a bit longer.

These quality of life improvements certainly help keep the Profitec Pro 700 competitive in a home espresso machine market that only ever seems to get hotter each year. As longtime fans of the Pro 700, we’ve been enjoying the new look and our techs always enjoy seeing a tried-and-true machine become that much more reliable.