The best espresso packages for every budget

Here at Clive, we want to get you in the right package for your needs – not the most expensive one we can think of. We want this to be a long-term friendship. Nothing ruins trust faster than convincing you to spend money on stuff that you don’t need. As such, here are some great packages for every budget.

Around $2,000

Special Edition ECM Classika and Baratza Vario: Our Special Edition Classika is an incredible machine with beautiful classic lines and a huge single boiler. We recommend this machine to folks who need a small footprint, like straight espressos or don’t mind waiting a minute to steam milk. Because it is a single boiler, it needs to build up steam after pulling a shot. The process is fast – but not ideal for making a large number of drinks. The Baratza Vario is a proven workhorse of a grinder. We have sold hundreds of these and the reviews are glowing. We would round out this package with our cleaning and maintenance kit and our ECM accessories setup. All in, you will pay $2,089 for a fantastic, long term espresso package.

Profitec Pro 300 and Baratza Sette 270: From the same company as the ECM Classika, the Profitec Pro 300 is the best value in the double boiler category. Ideal for milk drinks and back to back shots, the Pro 300 is a tiny wonder. A semi-saturated grouphead holds temperature well and we have nothing but rave reviews from customers and staff alike. Paired with the Baratza Sette, the best value in the conical grinder category and you have a professional level espresso package for under $2,000. We would also round this package out with our cleaning and maintenance kit and our ECM accessories setup for a total price of $2,043.

Around $3,000

Lucca A53 Mini with Compak E5 or Eureka Zenith 65E: Our most popular package at Clive starts with the Lucca A53 Mini. A commercial level dual boiler that can steam for days and make beautiful, back to back espressos. The Compak E5 is a monster of a grinder for a great price. 650 watts of power with 58mm flat burrs delivers deep, full espresso body and taste. Or you could pair it with the beautiful Eureka Zenith 65E. 500 watts connected to a larger 65mm burr set with distinctive Italian styling makes you think you’re riding an Aprillia to a Florence espresso shop. We would round this package out with our A53 accessories kit and our cleaning and maintenance package for a total price of $2,909-$3,009.

$3500 – $4,000

Lucca M58 with Macap M4D: The Lucca M58 is our best selling espresso machine, and for good reason. This handsome double boiler will pull shots for days and has a large steam boiler for making milk drinks. We designed this machine ourselves to satisfy the softer side of the E61 lineup – which is dominated by large knobs and 90 degree angles. We paired it with the Macap M4D, a commercial quality flat burr grinder that will last a lifetime.

Profitec Pro 700 with T64: Profitec is the fastest growing espresso machine manufacturer in the United States. Along with their sister company, ECM, they have been making incredible quality machines for over 30 years. Their Pro 700 is the flagship model in the home espresso line. Easy to use, easy to maintain and beautiful to boot. We paired it with their powerful T64 grinder for a package that was literally made for each other. Add the cleaning and essentials kit and you are ready to go.

Synchronika with Eureka Zenith 65E – $3,898: The Synchronika is a house favorite a Clive. Race-car inspired looks meet with enormous boilers in a very, very well engineered package. The fit and finish on these machines is second to none. All the pieces match incredibly well and the maintenance is a breeze. We paired this with the Eureka Zenith (also a favorite) for what is really the ultimate home espresso pairing. This duo comes with everything you need to pull shots on day 1, however – we would add a tamping mat and our cleaning package for a total cost of $3,963.